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Hide and Seek

(Featured in Kansas City's 2007 Avenue of the Arts)

After going through several medical challenges in the early 1990’s, including a kidney transplant in 1993, I became very curious about human defense systems. Eventually that interest turned to other defense systems and protective strategies that may (or may not) protect us in our homes, at work, on our streets, and in our nation.

The figures in Hide and Seek utilize one of these protective strategies, camouflage. In art one of the main concerns is “appearance:” camouflage is about “disappearance!” I find this contradiction extremely interesting on many levels. These figures along Central Avenue test one’s perception. Is each individual appearing or disappearing? At first glance we might go on the defensive. Within the first couple of seconds we might think they are real, and then quickly perceive they are flat. We wonder what these individuals are doing, and we are not quite sure. We make up stories and wonder about their situation, but we do not know what their circumstances are beyond a shadow of a doubt. Is that person a victim, a stalker, a crook, a cop, or is he or she just playing a game of hide and seek?

Larry Thomas

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