CUE! by Larry Thomas

Cue! consists of 8 human figures lined up horizontally along the whole length of the billboard. Each figure is filled with a different colorful pattern which could be read as camouflage, disguises, uniforms or other types of apparel. Using the same type of graphic design techniques that sign makers use, Thomas has created a commercial billboard, but without any clear message ­ fine art camouflaged as an advertisement.

The people in the image are lined up in a queue, relating to patrons waiting in lines to enter Sprint Center or venues at the Power & Light District. The title’s play on words “Cue!” is a nod toward the types of activities this “ad” might be selling. This piece can be viewed as a simple fun interpretation of people presenting themselves in an entertainment district, as a statement on the diversity of Kansas Citians, or as representation of the way we are deceived on a daily basis by advertisers, politicians, bureaucrats and each other.

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